HomeFlux’s CEO Jeremy Brandt and associated company 1-800-CashOffer have been featured extensively in the national media, including appearances on Larry King Live, FOX News, CNBC, CNN and in thousands of newspapers and magazines.

FOXNews – Strategic Mortgage Defaults | Strategic mortgage defaults are when a home owner “walks away” from their mortgage (causing foreclosure) even though they can afford to make their payments and stay in the home. Interview with FOX News.

CNBC – Bank Fraud in Short Sales and Foreclosures | We broke a never before reported story to CNBC about banks defrauding real estate agents and buyers/sellers in short sale transactions, including demands for kickbacks and requests for back-channel payments to approve a short sale.

NPR – Home Sales Rise, But is Pain Easing? | A conversation with Bill Radke of National Public Radio on home resales rising and the effect of the first time home buyer tax credit.

CNN Larry King Live – Short Sales | HomeFlux founder Jeremy Brandt is a featured guest on Larry King Live, providing expertise on short sales, foreclosures and the housing market.

Other Media Attention via 1-800-CashOffer