HomeFlux - How It WorksEach month nearly 10,000 distressed home sellers contact the companies associated with HomeFlux.  These home sellers are in desperate need of a solution to their real estate problems, and it is critical they are connected with an experienced, knowledgeable professional who can clearly articulate their options.

Unlike most sellers, distressed home sellers need to sell their home now – price and commission concerns take a back seat to experience and speed.

Each seller that contacts a HomeFlux member company is connected with only a single reputable real estate professional who must meet an extensive set of qualifications.

Within seconds of contacting a HomeFlux company, a distressed seller is connected directly with their local real estate pro – who educates them on their options and lists their property for a quick sale – or connects them with a real estate investor who can provide them with a cash offer to buy their home.

Due to the exclusive relationship and time-sensitive nature of distressed sellers, it is critical that only the most experienced real estate professionals are part of the HomeFlux Distressed Home Seller Network.